The monsters under my bed never really got out.

They knew their place and I knew they were there.

But there was something different about today,

Our relationship no longer lasting,

They got out,

They pulled me to them,I walked to them

And as I tried to scream, the smell  of poison in the air, shards of glass everywhere I begin to see ,my vision becoming clearer

The only monster lay in my bed rope in hand.

The air begun to smell like the color purple and the ground felt like the  lyrics of a  sad dying song.Characterized by pain.

In hand y0u had a hand written suicide note,and it was not the gruesomeness of the letter that coerced me to do it but the fact that you wrote it in my favorite color that made me willingly hang myself.

And even in the slow chaos of that night the only feeling I felt was relief.

‘One last thing for love I thought.

Till death do as part, one after the other never all together.


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